Friday, February 12, 2016

An Army of Kittehs!

In my journey to get rid of scrap/stash yarn, I was randomly searching ravelry one night and found the most adorable cat knitting pattern. When I say adorable, I mean so cute it hurts. Just look at them!

The two end kitties are from the pattern by Linda Dawkins (you can visit her etsy store here.) Clearly the middle kitty doesn't quite belong. I did a little impromptu crocheting after being inspired by the Beans the Cat knitting pattern.

What I truly love about these (besides the fact they're so freaking adorable) is they knit up super quick and they use all the random scrap yarn I have lying around. I'd say it takes me maybe 45 minutes from casting on to stuffing and sewing everything together to finish these. They're great for TV knitting.

Of course I couldn't just stop at three friends I had already created. More were begging to be made, so I decided to create more adorableness.....

All of these lovely, adorable babies were made as gifts and have found very good homes.

My original plan with the scrap yarn I have was to make a patchwork blanket. However I think that idea is going out the window and I will create myself an army of knited kittehs! They will attack everyone with their cute adorableness.

I purposefully leave the eyes off to give them a unique look. The original pattern didn't have whiskers on the kitty. Funny thing is I could have sworn it did which is why I added them. Funny what our brains autofill what we think should be there.

I like the idea of making these and just having them around to randomly give out as gifts. I can guarantee that most people will think they are adorable even if they're not cat people.

Until next time.....