Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lucid dream

Continuing from last post, I finished the Violet Waffles hat!  It is now washed, blocked, dried, and ready to wear. :)

Behold the loveliness
My favorite parts of this hat are the swirl pattern at the top, how the color flows like a sideways chevron, and that it appears to be self-striping yarn.  I did not intend for any of these things to happen....they just did.

Comparing the work up of Prism vs Hidden Rainbow two very different effects happened. The Hidden Rainbow colors were more sporadic than the Prism. See for yourself:

Both sets of gloves are beautiful in their own right, but I'm more in favor of the Prism.

I've used several different colorways in the Lucid Dream sock yarn from Julianna's Fibre  for different projects: Hidden Rainbow, Prism, Dask, and Midnight Radio. (link to her etsy page is here)  Each project that was knit with this yarn was gorgeous. This yarn always works up nicely, is extremely soft, and very durable. I look forward to see what new color ways this dyer comes up with in the future.

Pictured below on the top from left to right are
Hidden Rainbow/Prism, Prism, Dask

Bottom is Midnight Radio made in the Zilver shawl (found on ravelry.)

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