Friday, January 29, 2016

It's so pretty.........

As I've been working through project stash buster, I've realized that there isn't a huge variety in the "brand" of yarn I purchase. In some podcasts I listen to I always hear about Cascade, Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, etc. I've used different varieties of Cascade and absolutely love Madelinetosh, but I usually lean towards yarn from Tanis Fiber Arts or Julianna's Fibre.

I ran across Julianna's Fibre while perusing etsy one day. I saw this goregous skein called "Hidden Rainbow." 3/4 of the yarn was this stormy grey color and the other 1/4 was a solid strip of the rainbow. Around the time I saw this yarn I had already instated the cannot buy any more yarn rule. I was so intrigued by this yarn that I had to buy a skein so I could see how it looked worked up. So I bent the rules just a smidge (it was right around my birthday after all) and I bought a skein with some birthday money.

When it comes to buying yarn, I don't mind spending a little extra on one skein. I can justify the higher price if it's only one skein. If it's two skeins forget it, somehow the logic for spending the extra on one skein does not apply to two. I also like to think I'm cheating the system a bit by buying only 1 skein of fingering weight yarn which gives me roughly 420 yards. It's just enough to make a nice shawl, scarf, or matching set of hat and fingerless gloves.

With all of that said, I wanted to make the most out of my lovely skein so I made a hat and gloves. I titled them my Ray of Hope hat and mits.

I was elated with how they turned out. Pops of color everywhere! I found both the Straighforward mits pattern by Mone Drager and the Swirl Hat pattern by Mandie Harrington on  Both are free patterns and knit up quickly.

I absolutely loved everything about these gloves: the fit, the color, the warmth. The office I work in gets cold so fingerless gloves are the best way to keep my hands warm while being able to type. I wore these all the time until one day at lunch I lent them to my mom. Yes I am privileged enough to work at the same establishment as my mother. It's nice being able to have lunch with her everyday.

On this particular day was the first cold hit of winter we had experienced this season. My mom was extra cold and I had brought my gloves with me to lunch. I let her borrow them because I had a couple other pairs in my desk (I love fingerless gloves).  Days and weeks went by and my gloves never made it back home to my desk.

It was at this point that I figured I would never have these gloves in my possession again. They had gone to a good home so I wasn't heartbroken over it. Besides I made the in the first place, so why not buy another skein of the yarn and make myself another set? I did precisely that and I'm currently in the middle of that project. I decided to do another glove and hat set because that is how I intended the first set to be so of course I had to pass along the hat to my mother.

I went back to the juliannasfibre etsy page and didn't find the "Hidden Rainbow" colorway, but I found one better. It's called "Prism." A beautiful mixing of black yarn and neon rainbow
Behold the beauty......

I'm loving how the gloves and hat are turning out. This go around I kept the same pattern for the gloves but choose the Violet Waffles hat by Halldora J. which I also found on ravlery. 99% of the pattern I use are from

It's funny to me how two yarns of similar design can work up so differently. The color of the "Hidden Rainbow" skein was more random than the "Prism" skein. The colors for "Prism" are more color blocked. I'm sure this phenomenon might be related to my gauge and also the dying technique used. I can't remember if the rainbow section lengths were the same for each skein or if one was slightly larger.

I should be able to finish and block the hat tonight. I'll post pictures of the finished products. Until then, ta ta.

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