Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Project Stash Buster

Towards the middle of last year I realized my yarn stash was growing faster than it was dwindling. My plan had always been to have little or no stash. The idea of beautiful, unused yarn just waiting to be picked for the perfect project always bothered me. My stash grew to cover my living room.

As I purchased each new skein of yarn, I always had a project in mind. I at least wanted to have some direction even if I didn't get to the project right away. My problem was....and still is that I love yarn. I love the colors, the weights, the fibers, and everything that yarn can become. I eventually had to put restrictions on myself when buying new yarn. The restriction was to not buy any new yarn with the exception of purchasing an extra skein of the same color I already owned in order to finish a project.

Once I made this rule, I also decided I needed to work through what I had. This spawned the idea of Project Stash Buster. I can't say how many yards I've busted through, but I've gone through 12 1/2 skeins. :) I'm pretty proud of myself. Here's just a few of the projects I've completed in the last 6 months.

Feeling accomplished with busting through so much yarn, I have to admit I bent the rules just a tiny bit......or a lot. I've added 12 more skeins to my collection so all the hard work of stash busting was for naught. I like to think of it as what I already worked through made room for the the new skeins I bought.

Here's why I couldn't resist........a couple of my favorite independent dyers (Juliannasfibre on etsy and Tanis from www.tansifiberarts.com) and knitpicks.com either had yarn sales or specialty yarn that only comes around once or twice a year. I couldn't resist the call of the oh so lovely skeins, so I caved and added to the stash.

I know I'll eventually get to all the projects I have planned, but it most certainly will not be a linear path.

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